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Youre sure to be pleased with CaribGallery.coms new framing options! You may choose from our selection of high quality, stylish solid wood and metal frames, based on your particular needs and budget. Simply click on the print of your choice, then click on the size of print that most suits your needs. You can easily scroll through the frames by using your keyboard's navigational arrow keys once you click on the button before a frame title. Try it now!

Preserve and protect your artwork for years to come. recommends that you custom frame your fine art gicle and original prints (as well as any other valuable paper items that you wish to preserve, such as certificates, letters etc.)

Custom framing is used to protect your artwork in a neatly sealed package. A custom frame is designed to make sure that every part fits perfectly, so that nothing is loose. Fitting involves cleaning the glass to perfection, without dust or foggy areas. It involves securing materials behind the artwork so that it doesn't rattle within the frame. It involves placing a protective dust cover on the back. To do this correctly may take considerable time. Fitting is a very important part of custom framing.

Conservation framing is a specialized type of framing which utilizes the highest grades of material including acid-resistant matting and mounts that preserve the original properties of the artwork. When paper comes in contact with regular matboards and backing, it will, in time, become stained with the acids present in the board. Our professional framers cut a mat from acid-free material. Matting and mounting are two of the most important elements in conservation framing. This kind of craftsmanship is often costly but is well worth it to protect your investment.

If the print you purchase is inexpensive, you can buy standard size frames in art supply and home decor stores. Popular standard sizes are: 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 24x30 and 24x36. Take more than one print to your framer when you go and negotiate a volume discount.

Choosing a Frame:

The frame should never be more important than the picture. A framed work of art should attract more attention than the frame does. The art is the star of the show. The frame should always complement the art. Your framed print comes ready to hang (hardware included). Paper backing is included free of charge. All custom framed items are made to order. Your order will be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Points to Consider:

1. A professionally framed print will generally look better and last longer.

2. Bold art does well in a bold frame (i.e. bright gold, rich wood tones, metallic black)

3. Frame moldings in silver, gold and wood tones are considered neutral and can go with almost anything.

4. What is the style, subject, and era of the art?

5. Study the art to determine the most appropriate finish.

6. When selecting a mat, pay attention to the overall color scheme of the elements involved. We use a neutral mat to avoid detracting from the artwork.

7. Dry mounting or any other form of permanent bonding is recommended for prints that do not require matting, such as posters or for prints on canvas paper. Dry mounting or permanent mounting will prevent buckling or warping of your framed print over time. The print will hold its form permanently.

Free Shipping & Handling on ALL PRINT orders OVER $100.00. Click on the Free Shipping box on the left for further details.

For more information, call us TOLL-FREE at 1-800-640-9479, or send mail to with questions or comments about this Web site.


"Grand Cayman Sunset HD" - video by Tom Olesnevich

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