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  • Treat your giclée as you would any fine work of art. Handle your print gently to avoid any dents, creases, stains or fingerprints.

  • To handle a print, hold the top corners, never along the sides. Always handle your print with clean, dry hands.

  • If your print is unframed, keep it flat and store it in a dry place away from sunlight.

When taking your print to be framed, keep it smooth and flat or rolled in a protective sleeve. Avoid applying any pressure or rolling it too tightly as these may result in dents. It is easier to flatten out a curled print than to eliminate dents and creases.

If you are storing valuable original prints, it is best to store them between sheets of acid-free foam core or mat boards. Prints may also be stored in clear plastic sleeves.


1. Never display your print in direct sunlight or near a radiator or heat source.

2. Never expose your print to extreme temperatures.

3. Never rub the painting.

4. Never use water, cleaning solvents or chemicals on either side of the paper or canvas.

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"Flavours Beach, Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica" - video by InJamaica

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